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10 Mar 2013 Embedded Coder Target for Arduino Custom target for Arduno and other processors Author: MathWorks Embedded Coder Team


I have a problem using the arduino target.
I am trying to send data via serial communication from a model running on arduino to a model running in my computer.

The problem is that I get wrong values when the data I am about to send are negative (i.e. the transmission is fine when I am sending values 0 or greater but wrong when they are below zero (instead of -4 I receive 252 etc)).
I also tried to send negative values through the example that you have (demo_arduino_serial_communication and demo_arduino_serial_communication_host), by changing the Analog input block with a constant block and once again it works fine when using values zero or greater but I am getting the following error message when I am trying to send negative values through the serial communication.
"Parameter overflow occurred for 'Value'. The parameter's value is outside the range that the run-time data type can represent. The specified value was saturated to the closest representable value. You can control this diagnostic on the Diagnostics pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog."

I thought to try and change something on the Diagnostics pane, but I thought that it would be wiser to ask someone more experienced first.

What do you think?

I have an arduino UNO and MATLAB R2011b.

Thanks in advance,
a desperate student

09 Aug 2012 Simulink Support Package for Arduino Uno Hardware (R2012a) Simulink block library for creating standalone applications for the Arduino® Uno platform Author: MathWorks Simulink Team

Is it possible two send two signals from arduino to simulink throught this arduino target?

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