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Ron Abileah


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Research areas

LANDSAT imagery exploitation
High resolution satellite imagery (e.g., WorldView2)
Ocean surface remote sensing
Radar altimetry
Marine radars


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24 Oct 2006 Screenshot resampleX Resample time series Author: Ron Abileah dsp, time, series, upsampling, downsampling 12 2
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31 May 2011 SLM - Shape Language Modeling Least squares spline modeling using shape primitives Author: John D'Errico

These routines are very useful. Would like to read more on the mathematical foundation of these routines. Can you recommend reading beyond the basic least square splines references?

Also, I made the following correction concerning handling of weights...

% were there any NaN or inf elements in the data?
k = isnan(x) | isnan(y) | isinf(x) | isinf(y);
if any(k)
% drop them from the analysis
x(k) = [];
y(k) = [];
prescription.Weights(k) = []; % ALSO drop corresponding weights, May 2011
n = length(x);

% if weights or errorbars were set, verify the sizes of these
% parameters, compared to the number of data points.

11 Dec 2010 Google Earth Example of using Matlab to control Google Earth via the Google Earth API. Author: Richard Gueler

Easy to use

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28 Apr 2010 resampleX Resample time series Author: Ron Abileah mahmoud

05 Oct 2006 resampleX Resample time series Author: Ron Abileah

When I run resampleX(x,1) I don't get x back. Something seems wrong here ...

12 Mar 2006 resampleX Resample time series Author: Ron Abileah

Line 94: m = round((0:(N2-1))/alpha) - (0:(N2-1));

You're essentially doing a nearest neighbor interpolation. You've upsampled the data by your factor of 'r,' but I believe that it's perfectly equivalent to running the command resample(X,r,r/alpha,0). Taking this into account, resampleX loses its speed advantage.

I do appreciate the fact that to run resample, r must be chosen to make r/alpha an integer. An exotic alpha could necessitate an enormous r to work in resample.

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