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Rakshit Kothari

Rochester Institute of Technology

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31 Mar 2014 Matlab Wrapper for OpenNI 2.2 A very simple wrapper that provides an interface to RGBD cameras through OpenNI v2.2 Author: Camillo Taylor

Hi, I'll start with a few things to help a user.

1. Add the location of the redist folder in 'C:\Program Files\OpenNI2\Redist' to the path variable & MATlab path via advanced setting-->system variables

2. As Ivan mentioned, change

OPENNI2_INCLUDE = 'C:\Program Files\OpenNI2\Include';

OPENNI2_REDIST = 'C:\Program Files\OpenNI2\Lib';

Congratulatory part:
Code is simple, effective and a great platform for simple hacks!

19 Jul 2013 subdir: a recursive file search Performs a recursive file search using same input and output format as dir function Author: Kelly Kearney

Amazing!! exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much :D

28 Dec 2012 Efficient convertors between binary and decimal numbers Alternatives to the built-in functions bin2dec & dec2bin, exhibiting a somewhat faster performance. Author: Zacharias Voulgaris

Brilliant! if anyone is looking for a FAST decimal to binary / binary to decimal converter, this is the one - please don't use bi2de or de2bi.

This tremendously increased my performance,
thank you
Zacharias Voulgaris

06 Jan 2012 maxima and minima M-files for obtaining extreme points is a set of data Author: aasim Azooz

Hey aasim, this fit perfectly for my project, i am using object signatures for recognition and this makes my plot smooth. thank you

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