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11 Apr 2013 sun_position.m Sun position given observer time/location. Author: Vincent Roy

I am attempting to calculate the clear sky solar irradiance for a given latitude with the equation:

I = I0(cozZ)*Tr*Tpg*Tw*Ta

where cozZ is the cosine of the solar zenith angle. which is given by
cosZ = sin(lat)*sin(dec) + cos(lat)*cos(dec)*cos(H),
where H is the hour angle given by:
H = (pi/12)*(tnoon - t)
where t is the local solar time.

So, the zenith returned from this function can be used as Z in the first equation shown here?

18 Apr 2012 Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Export of Figures Converts 3D and 2D MATLAB plots to the scalable vector format (SVG). Author: Juerg Schwizer

Seems promising, although I have failed at the first hurdle. I receive the following error:

Error using fileparts
Too many output arguments.

Error in plot2svg (line 182)
[pathstr,name,ext,versn] = fileparts(finalname);

Error in demo_svg_water (line 76)

So, by typing:

The original graph appears but the it seems to fail when trying to use plot2svg.

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