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29 Oct 2013 AGA 1.0 Genetic Algorithm code with/without islands and Simulated Annealing Author: Manel Soria

really nice (i've tested only AGA)

28 Oct 2013 GODLIKE - A robust single-& multi-objective optimizer GODLIKE combines 4 global optimizers for both single/multi-objective optimizations Author: Rody Oldenhuis

nice job !

01 Feb 2013 Optimization in MATLAB: An Introduction to Quadratic Programming Files used in "An Introduction to Quadratic Programming" Webinar Author: Seth DeLand


great optimization problem and solution !
and very close to my job -> so i bought symobolic math toolbox and start to work on this example
I tried to adapt HydroelectricDamOptimization_largeScale to my problem (a 1 year problem with calculation every 8 hours)

and I ave some issues
some time the problem is not convex ! and i donc understand why
for example, in HydroelectricDamOptimization_largeScale we have MW2kW = 1000. with MW2kW = 1/1000, the probleme become non convex!
an idea why ? an idea to manage this issue ?
(this is just a stupid example, but I have this kind of issues when I try to adapt this exemple on real life)

thanks (and sorry for my poor english)

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