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Jerry Gregoire

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Electrical Engineer

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Signal Processing, Stats, RF


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06 Aug 2014 Convert Unix Time (seconds since Jan 1 1970) to MATLAB Serial Time Converts unix time to MATLAB serial time. Author: Val Schmidt

May require tweaking since this requires the Financial toolbox at least for 2014a release.

22 Aug 2013 Panel Like subplot, but easier, and WYSIWYG export to file. Also fixes dashed/dotted lines in export. Author: Ben Mitch

If the default margin is not changed and too many plots are requested then it issues: Warning: a panel had zero size, and the managed object was hidden. It should accommodate with smaller subplots like subplot does.
Here is an example:

%Works - >
p = panel();
p.pack('h', {0.50, 0.50});
p(2).pack({0.50 []})

% Change p(2,1) -> Will not work
p = panel();
p.pack('h', {0.50, 0.50});
p(2).pack({0.50 []})

% Change default margin -> Works again
p = panel();
p.pack('h', {0.50, 0.50});
p(2).pack({0.50 []})
p.de.margin = 1;

Other than that gotcha, I like it.

20 Aug 2013 subplotplus() - Enhanced layout MATLAB subplot function subplotplus() is an enhanced alternative to the inherit subplot() function of MATLAB. Author: Alon Geva

Would like to see it able to pass parameters pairs to subplots,
For Example: {{'-g' 'XGrid' 'off'}}

You can use repmat to simplify the structure generation,
(ie) Plot3Vert = repmat({{'-g'}},3,1);
will produce 3 subplots 'glued' on top or each other. That's nice.

Otherwise good for producing pretty complex figures.

Syntax reminds me of Lisp.

21 Mar 2013 filtfilthd Zero-phase forwards/backwards filtering using SP toolbox dfilt filter objects Author: Malcolm Lidierth

Great idea. Wondering why ML did not do this. Seems pretty obvious. Filter objects are much easier to work with. This should have been a no brainer for ML.

17 Aug 2012 Virtual Signal Generator GUI with all the functionality of a standard signal generator, but without expensive equipment. Author: Thomas Reid

Would be great to export to ML Workspace

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