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I have a masters degree in signal processing, and I am an experienced software developer for PC and embedded. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile: http://no.linkedin.com/in/janheldal


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29 Jan 2012 Screenshot Draw color-coded lines in image. LINES2IM generates an image with painted lines. The line-hues are the angles of the slopes. Author: Jan Heldal image, paint, imageanalysis, hough, lines, line 9 0
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12 Apr 2012 PeakFinder Quickly finds local maxima (peaks) or minima (valleys) in a noisy signal. Author: Nathanael Yoder

Joanne: That kind of error-message typically arises when Matlab does not know where the command resides (or when you misspelled it). Make sure that any m-file you wish to run are either in the current directory, and/or in your Matlab-path. If you have a separate folder for non-builtin m-files (such as peakfinder) that you wish to use, you can add that folder to the Matlab-path with the 'addpath' command, and put those m-files there.

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