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Don Isiko

Brunel University

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*Deep breath* Just a guy in love with programming and hoping to refine my skills until I can appreciate the most complex of programs (:


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11 Feb 2012 disptable - Display matrix with column or row labels Displays a matrix with per-column or per-row labels. Author: Joao Henriques

Hi there ^^, just wanted to say thank you very much for this submission! It really helped make my user interface for my project softer on the eyes haha. I was just wondering however, could you also give an example of using as part of the input? I tried the following but matlab wouldn't allow it...


Where S is a string matrix defined like so:

S={'D1' 'D2 'D3' 'D4'}
S= 'D1' 'D2' 'D3' 'D4'

But whenever I try it says:

??? Undefined function or method 'iscellarray' for input arguments of type 'cell'.

Any help available with this? I'm doing this because I want to make a string that adjust its size depending upon results i.e

Bounce 1 Bounce 2 Bounce 3


Bounce 1 Bounce 2

When there are only results for 2 bounces because of initial values


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