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08 Jan 2014 Measure and transfer IQ data from an Agilent v2820a RF Vector Signal Analyzer to MATLAB(R) MATLAB(R) example to make an IQ measurement on an Agilent v2820a and transfer the data to MATLAB(R) Author: Adarsh Narasimhamurthy agilent, measurement, instrument control to..., ict, v2820, rf vector signal gene... 7 0
08 Jan 2014 Screenshot Capture a Screenshot of an Agilent X-Series Signal Analyzer and Transfer it to MATLAB(R) MATLAB(R) example to save a screenshot of an Agilent X-Series Signal Analyzer using VISA interface. Author: Adarsh Narasimhamurthy measurement, data import, agilent signal analyz..., screenshot, visa, instrument control to... 12 0
09 Apr 2012 Agilent N6700B Power Supply - MATLAB Example Allows MATLAB to connect to an Agilent N6700B Power supply using SCPI, and set the output voltage. Author: Adarsh Narasimhamurthy agilent, instrument control to..., n6700b, power supply, matlab, demo 8 0

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