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12 Mar 2012 Connect Randomly Ordered 2D Points into a Minimal Nearest-Neighbor Closed Contour Connects randomly ordered 2D points into a minimal nearest neighbor contour. Author: Tristan Ursell

This works great, and is very fast (on my admittedly small dataset). Thanks! I've been looking for something like this.

15 Feb 2012 ashape: a pedestrian alpha shape extractor extracts 2d alpha shapes from a set of x/y data points Author: us

Daphne, I assume you solved your earlier issue. Here is how I did it.

% p.ashape contains the indices of 2 nodes for each edge; turn it into a single vector (which will have repeats).
indu=unique(ind,'rows'); %cancel doubles.

Now any hints for putting these in order going around the shape? I don't want to use line as in the example. I would like to manipulate the boundary to fit it to other data distributed on the boundary.

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