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Tristan Martel

The University of Western Ontario

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PhD Candidate in Environmental Modellin landscape evolution with SPH on GPUs with MATLAB parallel toolbox.


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20 Feb 2012 GPUBench Compare GPUs using standard numerical benchmarks in MATLAB. Author: Parallel Computing Team

I've attempted to run benchmark. I have 3 teslas and a quadro in my machine. I noticed that only my fourth GPU was being used at all. The benchmark failed at 19% with the following error:
An unexpected error occurred during CUDA execution. The CUDA error was: CUDA_ERROR_ECC_UNCORRECTABLE.

Error in C:\Program
(line 7)

Error in parallel.gpu.CUDADevice/get.FreeMemory (line 107)
fm = parallel.internal.gpu.currentDeviceFreeMem();

Error in gpuBench>getTestSizes (line 371)
freeMem = gpu.FreeMemory;

Error in gpuBench>runMTimes (line 163)
sizes = getTestSizes( type, safetyFactor, device );

Error in gpuBench (line 76)
gpuData = runMTimes( gpuData, reps, 'double', 'GPU', progressTitle, numTasks );

Thanks for your help on this.

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