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22 Feb 2012 Kinect Matlab Microsoft Kinect, OpenNI wrapper, Skeleton, Depth Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

@Charles: I got it working on Mac OSx (SL 10.6.8). I believe that the link @Thomas provides is the right solution. However, I found an easier way: I have called the compilation script with the argument of my OpenNI folder that contains Include and Lib dirs, like this


Note that the library starts with a capital letter, so I have changed L34 of the script to

mex('-v',['-L' OpenNiPathLib],'-lOpenNI',['-I' OpenNiPathInclude],Filename);

It compiled and linked. Then, in Example.m I needed to change the backward slashes (\) to unix-like forward slashes (/), and it worked. Hope this helps.

BTW, your snippet indicates that, despite you are on 10.7, your MATLAB mex uses 10.6 SDKs. Consider running mex -setup, and editing SDKROOT in

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