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24 Feb 2012 Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox With Trelea, Common, and Clerc types along with ... Author: Brian Birge

I think this is a good package because one can get started quickly and has good graphics. I hope it will be updated soon, and that the option of constrained optimization will be added.

A few comments:
* the code is easily modifiable to support anonymous functions as objective. This is neccessary to pass extra parameters to objective without using global parameters. The only modification needed is to remove the use of the function name as a string in the plotting routine.
* There is an error in the doc of pso_Trelea_vectorized.m: the explaination for input variable minmax value of 2 says that error is targeted to P(12), but the correct is P(11)
* The options should be moved from an array to a structure, so that only those one wants to let override the defaults need to be given.
* there is an error in line 441, where the variable 'sqrerr1' is misspelt as 'sqerr1'

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