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Zoltán Csáti

University of Miskolc

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differential equations


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18 Feb 2014 Screenshot Phase Plane Analysis GUI for visualizing the direction field of two coupled first order nonlinear differential equations Author: Zoltán Csáti differential equation..., direction field, gui 27 0
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28 Mar 2014 Christoffel symbols and geodesics, symbolic model Uses MATLAB symbolic processor to produce symbols Author: Ninetrees

You should select the Symbolic Math Toolbox tag in the "Required Products" field since the user also needs it.

05 Sep 2013 M-code LaTeX Package Easily include nicely syntax highlighted m-code in your LaTeX documents. Author: Florian Knorn

Rodrigo: thank you for the comment, it helped me a lot. It was the case with the Hungarian letter á, now I could handle the error fortunately.

26 Aug 2013 41 Complete GUI Examples 41 working GUIs to read and learn. Author: Matt Fig

I found a bug in GUI_21. If I write 't' into the editbox (since two and three contains 't'), it cannot select which number should be displayed on the popup-menu. It is not a real bug, since it only produces a warning and can be fixed throuhg the GUI.
Anyway, this collection of GUIs is very useful.

04 Feb 2013 Galerkins method over "ne" elements for solving 2nd-order homogeneous, c.c BVP Implement Galerkin method over "ne" individual elements for solving 2nd order BVPs Author: Ramin Shamshiri

The code can be easily followed, however there are places where the program could be vectorized. Moreover the solution of the final linear system MUST NOT be solved with function inv!

19 Nov 2012 GUI for Hybrid Sudoku Solver A simple GUI to solve Sudoku puzzles. Uses both logical and bruteforce methods. Author: Chi-Hang Kwan

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