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12 Jun 2013 Portfolio Optimizer Tool Portfolio Optimizer Tool Author: Patric Schenk

It will be very useful from your help.

I have downloaded the code for the
webinar "Build a Portfolio Analysis Production Application in MATLAB using Object-Oriented Programming Techniques".
i am running this code on "Matlab 2010a"

when i run portfoliotool.m, a "Portfolio Optimization Tool" GUI pops up.
in Dataimport panel,

if I select "Yahoo! finance Datafeed" in datasource and choose any of indexes that are listed in "Choose index" and when I press "download symbols" i get error saying
"No appropriate method, property, or field getElementsByTagNames for class Interface.JScriptTypeinfo_JScript_Type_Info."

if I select "Excel" and browse the file you have given "DAX.xlsx" and enter Sheet name(Sheet 1), Date Header name(Dates), Date format(mm/dd/yyyy) and when i press "Import Data" i get error saying
"Note: No date header with name "Dates" found".

I searched on these errors on google, i didn't found solutions and i tried to figure out through "callback function" then also i didn't get the solutions to the problem.
I even tried by downloading the code twice and checked whether i have made any changes in code, still i didn't find solution.

it will be a great help from your side.
thanks in advance...

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