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Shaun VanWeelden

Iowa State University

Personal Profile:

Junior at Iowa State University studying Software Engineering. I love MATLAB and was a graphics engineering intern at the MathWorks. Right now, I am a MathWorks Student Ambassador at Iowa State. I have a lot of experience in image processing including working on several academic, government, and commercial applications. I am extremely creative, innovative, and enjoy working with MATLAB on a near daily basis.



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21 Jun 2013 distance2curve Find the closest point on a (n-dimensional) curve to any given point or set of points Author: John D'Errico

This file just saved me SO much time!! Thanks a million!

07 May 2013 Grid of points within a polygon This function generates an array of points that lie within a given polygon Author: Sulimon Sattari

Works just as described, great file!

17 Apr 2013 IM2GIF Converts a multiframe image to an animated GIF. Author: Oliver Woodford

Oliver, coll idea, but when I run the example I get the following error:

154 A = cat(4, A{:});
Error using cat
Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.
Error in im2gif>imread_rgb (line 154)
A = cat(4, A{:});
Error in im2gif>parse_args (line 117)
A = imread_rgb(A);
Error in im2gif (line 44)
[A options] = parse_args(A, varargin{:});

Where in cat(4, A{:}); A is an array of 6-8 images (type uint8), this was in 13a

26 Feb 2013 Mandelbrot set, animated zoom output: avi or gif Author: Maxim Vedenyov

Works great, just be prepared to 1) Let it run for several minutes, enough time for roughly 600 images to be generated.. Just doing a few iterations still took a bit, as with any movie.

Also, note that you will probably need/want to change the compression settings, taking that part off completely is quick and dirty and makes for a large file size, but it also works virtually no matter what which is nice.

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