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18 Mar 2012 Learning PID Tuning III: Performance Index Optimization A tool and tutorial to perform optimal PID tuning Author: Yi Cao

Why your program hangs when I do this?

EDU>> clear all
EDU>> s=tf('s');
EDU>> sys=1/(10*s^2+s+1);
EDU>> sys2=optimPID(sys,1,1)

it now hangs. I am using Matlab 2011a


15 Mar 2012 Interactive curve class change curve by markers drag-and-drop Author: Maxim Vedenyov

confusing, GUI not well done, hard to use, not user friendly.

15 Mar 2012 Generation of Random Variates generates random variates from over 870 univariate distributions Author: James Huntley

GUI is too large for screen, plots do not show up and are cut off. No way to adjust. Not possible to use as is. GUI design needs much improvement. No README file.

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