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Masoud Ghanbari

Semnan University

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Electrical Engineering Student B.Sc.


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27 Nov 2013 How To Store a List of Names Simple Tutorial that shows the way to store many of names and strings in MATLAB Author: Masoud Ghanbari list, name, store, data acquisition, str2num, input 6 0
08 Nov 2013 Screenshot Root-Locus plot without using rlocus command This tutorial will show how to plot root locus map with out using rlocus command Author: Masoud Ghanbari rlocus, plot, symfun, subs, input, numerator 7 0
06 Nov 2013 Screenshot How To Convert A User Input String To A Function This tutorial will show how to convert user input string to a function which accepts variable. Author: Masoud Ghanbari string, function, input, convert 8 0
06 Nov 2013 Screenshot How to Color a Certain Area Between 2 curves in 2 ways... The way to color the certain area between 2 curves Author: Masoud Ghanbari color, highlight, map, curve 6 0
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12 Jul 2014 Calibration Of The Detector Frequency Block Simulink detector frequency new block simulink Author: Dit Papa Lamine ndao

23 Apr 2014 Conical Tank System.zip A conical tank system is simulated in Simulink. Author: Duc Chung Tran

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27 Oct 2013 PD Control Quadrotor - Simulink This file contains the simulink simulation of the PD control of a Quadrotor. Quadrotor model is take Author: Abdel-Razzak

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27 Oct 2013 Inverse Optimal Functions for Motoman HP-3 Tip Precision A population based optimization increases pointing precision for a planar robotic arm. Author: Alan Jennings

28 Sep 2013 Direct Torque Control of an Induction Motor This model simulates direct torque control of an induction motor. Author: Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif

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