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19 Nov 2013 export_fig Exports figures nicely to a number of vector & bitmap formats. Author: Oliver Woodford

High memory overhead.

18 Aug 2012 Hardware accelerated 3D viewer for MATLAB A set of demonstrations that show how to install and use an accelerated 3D viewer for MATLAB. Author: Jean-Yves Tinevez

When I attempt to run any of the demos, a blank ImageJ 3D Viewer window appears. Clicking any of the dropdown menus on the ImageJ 3D Viewer leaves "ghosts".

When I close the ImageJ 3D Viewer window, the following error occurs:

// Error message begin
javax.media.j3d.IllegalRenderingStateException: GL_VERSION
at javax.media.j3d.NativePipeline.createNewContext(Native Method)
at javax.media.j3d.NativePipeline.createNewContext(NativePipeline.java:2775)
at javax.media.j3d.Canvas3D.createNewContext(Canvas3D.java:4914)
at javax.media.j3d.Canvas3D.createNewContext(Canvas3D.java:2440)
at javax.media.j3d.Renderer.doWork(Renderer.java:917)
at javax.media.j3d.J3dThread.run(J3dThread.java:275)
Exception occurred in RenderingErrorListener:
at ij3d.ImageWindow3D$ErrorListener.errorOccurred(ImageWindow3D.java:310)
at javax.media.j3d.VirtualUniverse.notifyRenderingErrorListeners(VirtualUniverse.java:1329)
at javax.media.j3d.NotificationThread.processNotifications(NotificationThread.java:90)
at javax.media.j3d.NotificationThread.run(NotificationThread.java:107)
// Error message ends.

I am using MATLAB 2012a. I have already run the InstallJava3D.m file and got the following output:
Testing if Java3D is already installed...
Java3D is already installed.
Installed version is 1.5.
This is good enough, you have nothing to do.

24 May 2012 export_fig Exports figures nicely to a number of vector & bitmap formats. Author: Oliver Woodford

Was having trouble saving figures in high resolution, since there seem to be no inbuilt functions that allow this. This user-created function was great. I have an enquiry on the '-native' option of export_fig. Seems like one must specify the desired high resolution himself.

21 Mar 2012 utm2deg Function to convert vectors of UTM coordinates into Lat/Lon vectors (WGS84) Author: Rafael Palacios

Excellent. Will be better if it is possible to do coordinate transformation on a matrix instead of just a vector.

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