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23 Mar 2012 Wavelet Decomposition For Images The demo decouples the wavelet operations from the plotting. Author: Michael Chan

Please mention that wavelet toolbox is needed here so everyone knows before we download it and find out it doesnt work.

23 Mar 2012 De-Noise Color or Gray level images by using Hybred DWT with Wiener filter this function is removes noises from images Author: Mohammed Siddeq

I like the idea, unfortunately I cannot use it since I do not have (and cant afford) the DWT toolbox. :-/

23 Mar 2012 Peak Fitter Command-line peak fitter for time-series signals. Version 5.7, September, 2014 Author: Tom O'Haver

@Tom O'Haver, Nice detailed function, I have yet to study it but look forward to it, thanks for sharing. One thing though, in your function 'ExpBroaden' you list:

function yb = ExpBroaden(y,t)
% ExpBroaden(y,t) convolutes y by an exponential decay of time constant t
% by multiplying Fourier transforms and inverse transforming the result.

As it currently is coded, this will return the circular convolution, and not the 'usual' convolution. For a normal convolution, the result must be of length(a) + length(y) - 1, in which case the FFT's need to be zero padded for correct result. Otherwise, result is circular convolution. Was this your intent?

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