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12 Sep 2012 Screenshot clplot: plot line with level-dependent color Creates a line plot whose color depends on which 'slice' of the y-range the y-value falls into. Author: Carl Witthoft statistics, graph 13 0
06 Jul 2012 outer.m : a generalized outer function Does equivalent of X*Y' , replacing "*" with arbitrary func. Strings allowed Author: Carl Witthoft outer product, outer function, mathematics, simulation 16 0
01 Jun 2012 sequence length encoder (seqle, similar to rle) Encodes data run lengths for specified sequence in manner similar to RLE Author: Carl Witthoft rle, signal processing, statistics 12 0
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21 Apr 2014 Smart PowerPoint Exporter Exports Matlab figures to PowerPoint. Fixes formatting directly in PowerPoint to allow easy editing. Author: Dmitriy Aronov

Perhaps should include a warning that plots will be dumped to the currently open PPT document :-) . Love the option to execute from the command line (rather than via button), thus allowing automated scripting of multiple plots.
Also very handy, but hidden in the html doc page: ability to place new PPT page at current location in (an open) PPT doc, rather than appending to the existing slide set.

08 Oct 2012 MODTRAN 4 Tape7.scn Parsing Script Script to parse the MODTRAN 4 Tape7.scn output file. Author: Jared

Needs a couple bug fixes -- I emailed you directly.

07 Sep 2012 Flatulence sound generator sawtooth signal + High Pass filter = fun Author: Maxim Vedenyov

Terence and Philip would like to have a word with you...

27 Aug 2012 Planck's Law SPECEXITANCE Calculates the spectral radiant exitance for a black body (W/m^2·µm) Author: Jaap de Vries

In my world (solid-state IR sensors), the spectral exitance in units of photons/second rather than watts is often quite useful. You might want to include this as an optional output.

17 Aug 2012 SPATIAL FILTERING OF IMAGE To perform spatial filtering on a 2-D image using MATLAB. Author: antonynycil

You should include the image file which your code uses.

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