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05 Sep 2013 Improved Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Calculate full-field displacements and strains from a set of images with a random speckle pattern. Author: Elizabeth Jones

Dear Friends,

I am a student user of this code. I would like to have more information about how it is the best way to decide the subset size. I am measuring the coeficient of thermal expansion of diferent materials, and this code is useful to calculate the displacements. It shows me clearly how are the displacements, but I have not too much idea how to decide and adapt the subset.

I am using pictures of 4272x2482 px Resolution.

In this picture is located the sample, so the grid is not in full picture. Should I do another thing instead correlate the full picture?.

Also, I know the CTE of Copper, which is 16 ppm/K but to be honest, I do not know how to adjust this parameter, or I have to correlate in another way.

Any help is welcome, and heartfelt thanks,


31 Jul 2013 Canny Edge Detection Useful for Edge Detection based on Canny Edge Detection Method. Author: GAGAN

Hi all, I am very interested in this code, I am using it to measure how it is the dilatation of metal samples and taking pictures. I convert the picture to BW format only binary, to see in pixel precision the edges. What I want to know, is measure the space in a straight line between two pixels, by doing this in the picture, handling for instance. Like Autocad does with the magnetic cursor, make a cursor or something like that, sensitive to pixel precision and take measures in a easy way. Tell me if you have an idea by email.

Thanks you at all.

12 Jul 2013 Digital Image Correlation and Tracking Calculate displacement and strain from a series of images Author: Christoph Eberl

Hi all, I am in a big trouble.

First of all, thank you in advance.

I have been using this code this week. The equipment, I am provided is:

* Thermal camera Vario Cam, with data exportation software.
* Canon EOS Digital Camera
* Plate Furnace

The temperatures are recorded by the termal camera and also the time of the temperatures.

Pictures are taken by Canon at the same time I record a temperature and save all data in a txt file called:


I fill this files by hand, copiying the results from thermal camera and digital camera. I dont have DAQ system.

The main problem is that, when proccesing pictures, the codes only takes the first temp, having already recorded 5 temp data.

I do not know, what exactly happened. I would like to know, if codes are old-versioned, or I am doing bad. If there is somebody who can help me, that would be more than fine..

Kind Regards,


11 Jul 2013 HighCorr High Temperature Digital Image Correlation Software Software optimized to measure the coefficient of thermal expansion using digital image correlation. Author: Robert Thompson

Hi everyone,

First of all, Thanks you a lot for the code, it is helpful for me.

I am spanish student who is doing the final project to finish Industrial Engineering. I have tried your code and I find some difficult, ho to calculate CTE. I have temperatures from 25 º to 90º and I have taken 4 pics. The code, makes NaN the three last Temp and only shows me in the results one point at the first Temp. All Temps are previously written in a txt file. The question is, is the offset time in this case 0?. I do not use any DAT, hardware/software.

Hearfelt thanks.


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