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15 Apr 2012 LBFGSB (L-BFGS-B) mex wrapper Mex wrapper for lbfgsb v3.0 fortan library. L-bfgs-b solves box-constrained optimization. Author: Stephen Becker

I am trying to compile on a 32 bit Windows 7 machine, running Matlab 2010a. Supposing that I have the f2c library correctly compiled could you try and give me some suggestions on how to rewrite the mex function call within compile_mex.m?

This is what I am currently trying:
mex lbfgsb_wrapper.c -largeArrayDims -DDEBUG ...
Lbfgsb.3.0/lbfgsb.f Lbfgsb.3.0/linpack.f Lbfgsb.3.0/timer.f ...
-lm -lblas -lvcf2c -LC:\Users\Mike\Documents\MATLAB\libf2c ...

I get a long series or errors which appear to be complaining about syntax:

Error lbfgsb_wrapper.c: 422 illegal statement termination
Error lbfgsb_wrapper.c: 422 skipping `int'
Error lbfgsb_wrapper.c: 422 undeclared identifier `ndim'
Error lbfgsb_wrapper.c: 423 illegal use of type name `mwSize' ..........

I have a feeling that I may need to change something in my mexopts.bat file. Not sure where to start though. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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