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05 Apr 2013 Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox With Trelea, Common, and Clerc types along with ... Author: Brian Birge

Is there still no update for constraints? Or I#m blind enough to not find the option?

31 Jul 2012 cell2csv Writes cell array content into a *.csv file. Author: Rob Kohr

Is there an option to do this with "apped" like in DLMWRITE()?

This script would be perfect.

31 Jul 2012 Cell Array to CSV-file [cell2csv.m] Writes a cell array into a comma separated values text file (*.csv) Author: Sylvain Fiedler

is there a Version with "append", like Manish Mittal wrote on 15 Sep 2005?
Can't find it!
But would be great! I need exact this, ...just with an "append" option

23 Apr 2012 mmplay replacement for the movie command and play movies read by mmread Author: Micah Richert

Has anyone a solution for Cemils problem?
i tried axes(handles.axes) to set them, doesn't work.
and set(0, 'CurrentFigure',...) doesn't work either.

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