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27 May 2012 Multi Class Support Vector Machine This function removes out the limitation of MATLAB SVM function of two class and uses more classes. Author: Anand Mishra

Hello, I'd like first to thank you for this program. But unfortunately, it doesn't work in my case.
I'm obtaining a itrfin=1 in all cases. I'm using a test vector of 30 elements, and I obtain a itrfin vector = 1 1 1 1.... 1.

Why ? I really appreciate your help. Thanks !

24 Apr 2012 Calculation Lyapunov Exponents for ODE Realization of alogrithm of chaos detection by determining Lyapunov exponents. Author: Vasiliy Govorukhin

Please, I have a time series signal, named "X". How can I calculate the Lyapunov exponent with this program ? Thank you !

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