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06 Feb 2014 Piecewise linear least square fit Fit experimental data with linear piecewise continuos function with given x-axis break points. Author: Guido Albertin

did exactly what I wanted in a fast and easy way, only 2 seconds work

06 Jan 2014 Multi progress bar A new "shiny" progress-bar with multiple bars in a single window, time-estimates and more. Author: Ben Tordoff

I like this tool a lot and managed to get it to work very easily. However, I wanted three different processes to run simultaneous (as now one function has to terminate before the next starts calculation so there is always only one waitbar progressing) so I am using the parallel computing toolbox and run three functions in batch. Now the progress on the multiwaitbar is not updated anymore so there is no means to check how far the process has progressed. Because it takes a long time, this is really required for my application so I was wondering if it was possible to make the multiwaitbar to work when using batch to run the function where it is called. If this is inherently impossible, please let me know so that I do not spend any more time on it. Any suggestion would be welcome to tackle this problem in a different way.

18 Feb 2013 FindJObj - find java handles of Matlab graphic objects Find java objects contained within a specified java container or Matlab GUI handle Author: Yair Altman

This code works great when I run my GUI directly in Matlab BUT when I compile it into an executable using deploytool, it does not always work. More specifically it works the first time I change the text in the edit box, sometimes the second time but somewhere thereafter (always at a different point), it does not seem to work anymore (i.e. no update of my listbox when I type in the edit-field and some other strange stuff sometimes happens as freezing of the list box, not finding the text string even though I know it is there and such).

Is this a known bug and how can I solve this? Is there another file that I need to include in the "Shared resources and helper files" section besides the findjobj.m file which I of course have included?

22 May 2012 Box-Cox Transformation Makes the Box-Cox transformation of a data set Author: Alexandros Leontitsis

Why is there a geometric mean used in this function - that should not be part of a box-cox transformation (formula for example on http://stat.stanford.edu/~olshen/manuscripts/selenite/node6.html)

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