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20 Apr 2012 JSONlab: a toolbox to encode/decode JSON files in MATLAB/Octave JSONlab is an open-source JSON/UBJSON encoder and decoder (parser) for MATLAB and Octave. Author: Qianqian Fang

Hi Qianqian,

I noticed that when I have only 1 value in a json array, a roundtrip load/save doesn't give me the original json string (square brackets are left out).
>> jsonStr1 = '{"keys" : ["value1"]}';
>> savejson('',loadjson(jsonStr1))

ans =

"keys": "value1"

When there is more than 1 value in the json array, there is no problem.
>> jsonStr2 = '{"keys" : ["value1", "value2"]}';
>> savejson('',loadjson(jsonStr2))

ans =

"keys": [

Also, will there be future updates to convert the illegal character substitutions created by loadjson, when using savejson? For example, '_0x2F_' will be converted back to '/' when using savejson.

This is great though, thanks!

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