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24 Apr 2012 Kinect Microsoft SDK Video, Audio, Depth Stream and Skeleton tracking Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

I have made it work in Windows 7 machine with Matlab 2010a or later using 2010 c++ compiler (I only did the color, depth, and skeleton, not the audio). This is using the newest kinect sdk. Besides pointing to the correct sdk path in the compile_cpp_files.m file, you need to update all the function calls in all the .cpp files to reflect the newest library. Also, I have noticed a slight problem in the mxMSSkeleton.cpp program where the following 2 lines:

Pos[j+r+Jdimsc[0]*4] = (double) ( fx * depthwidth + 0.5f );
Pos[j+r+Jdimsc[0]*5] = (double) ( fy * depthheight + 0.5f );

should actually be:
Pos[j+r+Jdimsc[0]*4] = (double) ( fx * depthwidth)/320.0;
Pos[j+r+Jdimsc[0]*5] = (double) ( fy * depthheight)/240.0;

in order for the skeleton to show up correctly in Matlab figures assuming you have called the create context program with [2 1] parameter.

As far as stopping Kinect and restarting it, I also have encountered trouble. One thing that might help would be to clear your workspace after mxMSDeleteContext was called so the KinectHandles don't exist anymore. And maybe give a little bit time for Kinect to shutdown. Then run a new one, that works sometimes. However, still not stable.

If you need the working codes, let me know. Maybe I can email you.

And thank you Dirk-Jan Kroon very much for all your codes.

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