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12 Apr 2013 SETPOS 1.2 - GETPOS 1.2 Two flexible wrappers to manage graphics object position. Author: Jerome Briot

(This comment and the one following both apply to the getpos function only.)

In the fragment:

% Don't use HREF position if it is the parent of H
if href~=get(h,'parent')

the line "href=h;" appears erroneous. After removal, the function works as I expected it to.

11 Apr 2013 SETPOS 1.2 - GETPOS 1.2 Two flexible wrappers to manage graphics object position. Author: Jerome Briot

Very nicely done. Unfortunately I think there's an issue when finding positions relative to reference object. The line:

pos(n) = temp(n) - temp_href(n) * flag_href;

is correct for n = 1 or 2 (left & bottom elements of the position vector), but doesn't seem to make sense for n = 3 or 4 (width and height). Stating an object's position relative to a non-parent reference object should only affect location, not size, when working with absolute units (or "nz" if we assume everything's normalized to the same figure). And if the intent was to return object height & width relative to a reference object (for normalized units), the above line isn't the correct way to find them.

10 Apr 2013 gridLegend - a multi column format for legends Plot a multicolumn format legend. Author: Adrian Cherry

This is a nice improvement in capability over columnLegend. Unfortunately, despite turning off the ScribeLegendListeners properties, I find that when a figure is saved and later reopened, the legend reverts to single-column format. My code has two calls to saveas near the end, one to save the figure in .fig format, and one to save it as a .emf file. Both are afflicted with single-column disease.

08 Apr 2013 clickableLegend A legend with clickable strings that let you hide and show objects in a plot. Author: Ameya Deoras

1. This is a very useful function when presenting a figure containing many data series to an audience.
2. Unfortunately there's an error in the 2nd example given in the preamble to the code. Instead of "'groups', [1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 3]" in the clickableLegend call (which causes an error), I believe the intended usage was "'groups', [1 2 3 3 3 3 3]"
3. The behavior I wanted was to toggle data series visibility by clicking the associated legend text. The posted callback routine toggles the HitTest and HandleVisibility properties of the series, but to get the desired behavior, I replaced the two "set(obj, ...)" lines with




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