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Krishna Lalith

Indian Institute of Science

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Born and brought up in Hyderabad (Famous for Biriyani & Halal food). Bachelors in Mechanical & Masters in Aerospace Engineering.


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26 Aug 2013 Screenshot SpinOut Replica of Spin-Out Puzzle. Author: Krishna Lalith spinout, recursion, graycode, induction 8 0
14 Aug 2013 Screenshot Gravitate Remove all the Tiles. Author: Krishna Lalith gravitate, clickomania, game 8 0
02 Aug 2013 Screenshot Hexaminoes Identify all 35 Hexaminoes. Author: Krishna Lalith hexaminoes, polymino, game 4 0
09 Jul 2013 Screenshot Geo Magic Squares Identify 20 Geo Magic Squares with 4-Hexaminos. Author: Krishna Lalith geo, magic, square, game 7 0
22 Apr 2013 Screenshot MOO Maker A variant of classical "MOO" or "Cows n Bulls" game. Author: Krishna Lalith code maker, code breaker, mastermind, moo, cows, bulls 6 0
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18 Oct 2010 Hilbert Curve How to draw the famous Hilbert curve, the curve that fills an area. Author: Federico Forte

Simply Awesome.

26 Oct 2009 41 Complete GUI Examples 41 working GUIs to read and learn. Author: Matt Fig

Excellent. Great Job.

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20 Aug 2013 GUESS NUMBER CPU will identify the number in your mind given some clues. Author: Krishna Lalith hilal

27 Nov 2012 BCD to 7-Segment Decoder Identify BCD inputs A,B,C,D (which correspond to numbers 1,2,4,8 randomly). Author: Krishna Lalith YAMOUCHENE Hocine


08 Oct 2011 Travel Guide (GridLess Based Djikstra Algorithm) Player need to Define Map & 2 Points to get Shortest Distance. Author: Krishna Lalith Mr Smart

16 Jun 2011 Ourotorus Glue Broken Pieces provided such that adjacent squares have the same colours along common edges. Author: Krishna Lalith Pavan

10 May 2011 In or Out (Jordan Curve Method) Is the given "Point" Inside or Outside the Space-Filling Curve? Author: Krishna Lalith Faraz

Your program is very good but the documentation needs attention as the program dosen't give any clue of whats happening. Do you have any documentation for this coding with you?
I want to try this program for my problem, I want to find heirerichy of contours ( how many contours are inside a contour, chain contours, various branches) using Jordan curve, would you like to give some advise? thanks

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