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17 Jul 2012 Very fast Mutual Information betweentwo images. This function computes the mutual information between two quantized images. Author: Generoso Giangregorio

hello everyone,

here, what does "mutual" refer?
can you please give an example? it would be great if you were able to upload an image that can describe this mutual information?
mutual information but in terms of what? what information

02 Jul 2012 fdlibmex --- fast and simple face detection An efficient and easy-to-use mex library for detecting frontal faces in images Author: Wolf Kienzle

I tried to run the demo file but got an error
??? Undefined function or variable 'fdlibmex'.

Error in ==> fdlibmex_demo at 16

Can somebody help me to solve this problem.
Please help.

22 May 2012 face detection using skin color this program detect the face in the image on the basis of skin color Author: Faizan

i'm getting the error 'Undefined function or method 'skin' for input arguments of type 'char'.'

how can i solve this problem? thanks in advance.

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