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29 Jan 2013 Screenshot colormapline - color-changing 2D or 3D line Plot a 2D or 3D line using a specified colormap. Author: Matthias Hunstig line, plot, color, rainbow, visualization, colormap 15 0
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08 Apr 2014 Free-free beam FFbeam.m script computes Free-free end beam mode shapes and natural frequencies Author: Sulaymon Eshkabilov

I have not checked the calculations, but there seems to be an error: It returns the same frequency for modes 6 and 7 for example #1.

03 Mar 2014 singlebox Flexible box plot creation (allows unequal sample sizes and displays sample size and outlier index) Author: Dennis

I like the fact that the function shows (and returns) the indizes of the outliers.

Suggestions for improvements:
- adjustable whisker size (now hardcoded to the boxplot standard of 1.5 - at least this fact should be documented)
- better display of outlier indizes - in the current version, numbers overlap and or thus often unreadable

03 Jun 2013 fitExponential.m Fitting with single exponential curve in the form of: yFit = yInf + (y0-yInf) * exp(-k*(x-x0)) Author: Jing Chen

Nicely does its job. Would be perfect for my use if it allowed an additional weight vector.

16 Apr 2013 High-Low plot or percentile (5 and 95) plot This plot is the surrogate of boxplot. Author: Taesam Lee

This seems to be a derivative of boxplot.m, even with "Copyright 1993-2005 The MathWorks, Inc." inside. I doubt you can put this under the BSD license.

15 Feb 2013 Fast and Robust Curve Intersections Computes intersection points of two curves. Author: Douglas Schwarz

Does what it should, no problems so far.

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