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Robert White

Tufts University

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microsystems, acoustics, sensors


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18 Jul 2014 Screenshot Lego Segway.zip Simulink model and associated m-file for designing and implementing a Lego Segway on the NXT. Author: Robert White nxt, kalman filter, full state feedback, lego, mindstorms, segway 44 0
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07 May 2012 Simulink Support Package for Arduino Uno Hardware (R2012a) Simulink block library for creating standalone applications for the Arduino® Uno platform Author: MathWorks Simulink Team

This is great and works very well in R2012A.

One thing that would be helpful is access to the interrupts; I tried to use a triggered subsystem but was unsuccessful. I'm not sure the right way to use interrupts in a simulink model... any advice for how to get this to work with Arduino would be great; my particular application is reading quadrature encoders from a motor. In Processing I do this using the interrupts but so far haven't figured out how to do this in simulink.

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