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Marino Pagan

University of Pennsylvania

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29 Aug 2013 Extended (n,k)-gray code We extend normal gray code to conside about different range for each digit. Author: Guangdi Li

Good function.

It wasn't clear to me at first how to use it: the input argument needs to be a row vector, and each element specifies the range of the corresponding digit.

n-digit binary gray code:
ImprovedGenerateGrayCode( 2*ones(1,n) )

n-digit ternary gray code: ImprovedGenerateGrayCode( 3*ones(1,n) )

and so on

08 May 2012 Minimum Perfect Matching Tool Function to solve the Minimum Perfect Matching Problem on non-biparite graphs. Author: Vojtech Knyttl

08 May 2012 mixed-integer LP This function solves the mixed integer linear programming problems. Author: Sherif Tawfik

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