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10 May 2012 Capturing a waveform from an Agilent oscilloscope over a standard VISA interface MATLAB example to capture a waveform from an Agilent oscilloscope and grab a screenshot. Author: Vinod Cherian

I had the same problem with the Agilent 2014A oscilloscope. I contacted customer support and he said the object may still be locked, and gave me some code to fix it.

Running the code below fixed that problem, but I still cant get the oscilloscope to work with MATLAB.

%Find all previously created instrument objects
newobjs = instrfind;

%If there are any existing objects
if (~isempty(newobjs))
%close the connection to the instrument
%and free up the object resources

%Remove the object list from the workspace.
clear newobjs;

Good luck.

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