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08 Jun 2012 Miura et al. vein extraction methods Two vein extraction methods as described by Miura et al. for finger vein authentication. Author: Bram Ton

Hello, Bram Ton:
I am a new beginner to study vein extract. Thanks you for the great work. miura usage is our main function or not?
I have download your code, when I am trying to run your code, here the error information:
??? Undefined function or method 'finger_region' for input arguments of
type 'double'.

Error in ==> miura_usage at 11
fvr = finger_region(img,'mask',40); % Get finger region
when I try to modify to the function finger_region to lee_region. then I got the following information:
??? Error using ==> zeros
Leading inputs must be numeric.

Error in ==> lee_region at 36
mask = zeros(mask_h,mask_w);

Error in ==> miura_usage at 10
fvr = lee_region(img,'mask',40); % Get finger region
I am wondering May I get help from you to send me send me an correct version of your code.Here is my email:

18 May 2012 structure tensor - introduction and tutorial Comprehensive intro to structure tensors both in 2D and 3D Author: Shawn Arseneau

nice work

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