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25 Mar 2014 sudokon A GUI for helping you to solve sudoku puzzles onscreen Author: Carl de Boor

Really phantastic! I added the possibility to prevent shuffling so that sudokus from newspapers can be entered.

13 Feb 2014 STBL: Alpha stable distributions for MATLAB Functions to handle one-dimensional alpha stable distributions Author: Mark Veillette


25 Jan 2014 surfcv.m plots a 3-D surface of constant value: f(x,y,z) = const. Author: Ruslan Davidchack

Good comments.

11 Jan 2014 maximize Platform independent function to maximize a figure window. Author: Oliver Woodford

07 Jan 2014 Multiple Monitors Screen Capture Captures the screen on every monitor you have. Author: Rafael Oliveira

Really excellent code, very useful!

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