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14 Jun 2012 Iterative Closest Point An implementation of various ICP (iterative closest point) features. Author: Jakob Wilm

I'm trying to test the accuracy of this routine on a known point distribution: model points are the [x y z] coordinates of a Gaussian function; data points are obtained by translating by T the (x,y) coordinates of the model points (data = model + repmat([1.5 1.5 0], size(model,1), 1)). Even for small values of T the routine cannot converge to the optimum. Here is the code used for the test:

for x=1:50
for y=1:50
z(x,y) = exp(-(single(x) -25.0).^2 ./400.0 -(single(y)-25.0).^2 ./400.0);
k = k+1;
model(k,:)=[x y z(x,y)];

surf(double([1:50]), double([1:50]), double(z));

data = model + repmat([15.5 15.5 0], size(model,1), 1);

[TR, TT, ER] = icp(double(model'), double(data'), 20)

Any suggestion? Thx

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