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08 Nov 2013 Resampling volume or image with affine matrix Use affine matrix to convert 3D vol or 2D img to orthogonal one with corresponding affine matrix. Author: Jimmy Shen

Hi Jimmy,

I'm currently rotating a 3D block of data (a series of 2D slices), and my new image looks correct based on the matrix I supply. However, I am unable to plot a single older point to the 'correct' new image. I feel as though the new point should simply be an older point in XYZ multiplied by my transformation Matrix (as there is no rotation), however this does not provide me with the correct location in the new image. Do I need to use some additional information stored in new_M output?


29 Jun 2012 geom3d Library to handle 3D geometric primitives: create, intersect, display, and make basic computations Author: David Legland

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