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22 Aug 2014 LL2UTM and UTM2LL Latitude/longitude to and from UTM coordinates precise and vectorized conversion. Author: Fran├žois Beauducel

Hi Francois, thanks a lot for these functions, very useful and very fast. I was wondering if there could be a way to force the UTM zone. I am using many datasets that are in UTM 22 N for example, and I would like to be able to do:
[x,y] = ll2utm(lat,lon,22);

Because otherwise my x and y are potentially different zones. Thanks !

26 Jun 2013 Streamcolor Draw 2D or 3D color streamlines. Author: Bertrand Dano

Great function!
I found one bug, since a colorbar of sizze 64 is assumed, Vcol should be defined as:


I also managed to speed up the function by looping through the colormap instead of X. This makes the function 100 times faster. In 2d, this gives:

for k = 1:length(verts);
vv = verts{k};
if ~isempty(vv)
X=vv(:,1); Y=vv(:,2);
for j=1:size(cmap,1),
pos = find(Vcol==j);
if(~isempty(pos) & pos(1)==1), pos(1)=[]; end
if ~isempty(pos),
tempx = [X(pos-1) X(pos) NaN(size(pos))]';
tempy = [Y(pos-1) Y(pos) NaN(size(pos))]';

18 Jan 2013 kml line plot Draw nan-separated lines (or a single line) onto Google Earth. Author: Cameron Sparr

11 Jan 2013 DEM: Shaded relief image plot (digital elevation model) Pretty shaded relief map as flat image. Author: Fran├žois Beauducel

Exactly what I was looking for. Great Job!

11 Jan 2013 plotboxpos Returns the position of a plotted axis region Author: Kelly Kearney

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