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Nolan C

Binghamton University
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neural networks-----

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neural networks, unsupervised learning, supervised learning,machine learning, cognitive psychology


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21 May 2014 Ignore NaN returns the result of the function of an array ignoring NaN elements Author: Matt G

Is there a way to use this for functions that take two arguments? (i.e., dotprod (x,y))?

14 Apr 2013 Fisher’s Exact Test Hypergeometric cumulative distribution (left, right and two-tailed) including permutation testing. Author: Michael Boedigheimer

10 Apr 2013 barweb (BARgraph With Error Bars) Plots a fully customizable grouped bar graph with error bars Author: Bolu Ajiboye


20 Jul 2012 Movie to GIF Converter Convert a matlab movie to a GIF Author: Nicolae Cindea

Gets the job done!

03 Jul 2012 figure inset The function plotting figure inside figure (main and inset) from 2 existing figures. Author: Moshe Lindner

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