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26 Jun 2012 Peak finding and measurement Function to locate and measure the positive peaks and valleys in noisy data sets. Author: Tom O'Haver

This works really well for me, thanks!

One quick question: I would like to overlay the fitted parabola onto the raw data that I used findpeaks on, for visualization purposes (and to show that the fits are reasonable).

I tried going into the function and doing polyval on the coefs that are returned by polyfit, but this doesn't produce anything sensible.

I would like the drawn parabola to have the same units as the original data. Perhaps I could re-create the parabola from the output of findpeaks (ie the width, height, mean, etc), but it seems that polyval and other parabola drawers parameterize the parabolas in other ways.

Any ideas on which way to go??? Thanks!


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