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International Islamic Univ

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Working on computers for last 30 years. Interested in image processing and communications.

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computers, astronomy


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27 Jun 2012 Open CV Viola-Jones Face Detection in Matlab Viola-Jones Fast Face Detection Mex Implementation Author: Sreekar Krishna

In windows 7 I was trying to run getFeatures.m from File through FaceDetect.mexw32
I got the following error.
??? Invalid MEX-file 'c:\release\FaceDetect.mexw32': The
specified module could not be found.

This is how I solved the problem. When I had unzipped FaceDetect.zip, I had found
four folders (besides other files), which were bin, Include, lib and src.
I decided to disregard these folders and instead decided to use similar folders from openCV2.1.

1: I downloaded openCV2.1 and installed it on
C drive. It created a folder opencv2.1
2: I ran Matlab as an administrator.
3. In Matalb, on the command line, I gave the command
mex -setup
It asked me, whether to search compilers, I said, yes.
It gave me two compilers (Visual Studio 2008) and Matlab.
I had on my computer, already installed Visual Studio 2008.
So, I chose this.

4. Then I copied the file FaceDetect.cpp to the folder opencv2.1
5. Then, within Matlab, I changed directory to opencv2.1
cd c:/opencv2.1
6. In this folder, on Matlab commandline I gave the following command.
mex FaceDetect.cpp -IInclude/opencv lib/*.lib -outdir bin/
7. It creates faeDetect.mexw32 in the bin directory.
8. Put this the path of c:/opencv2.1/bin in Matlab. I removed release/bin from
the pathlist of Matlab.
9. Now you can run this command, getFeatures.

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