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10 Nov 2014 Image Measurement Utility Interactive tool allowing the measurement of distances, radii, and angles in images Author: Jan Neggers

Really awesome stuff - great interface, great use of cross-hairs for identifying features.

An enhancement idea:
If I have engineering data traces, it would be great to do calibration in 2 directions and then automatically calculate coordinates of points from the origin.

21 Jan 2014 drawSankey drawSankey is a MatLab function that draws single-direction Sankey diagrams Author: James Spelling

I think this is very interesting. I need to use it more before I can give it a rating.

A question for you regarding the license. I would like to use it to prepare some plots in the company I work for but I am not sure based on the wording of the license:
" Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution + NonCommerical (by-nc)
Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and make derivative works based on it only for noncommercial purposes".

Does that mean I can't use it in my job?

If so would you consider changing the license so that someone can use it for any purpose?

Thank you.

03 Nov 2013 Draggable data tips Enable dragging Matlab plot data-tips Author: Yair Altman

I like this a lot. Thanks.

I found what could be a bug:
- create a datatip
- drag it so that the dashed line appears
- click on the dashed line and an error appears and the datatip goes away.

This is in 2013b 64 bit.

Here is the error:
err =

Error using set
Invalid handle

No public field DataIndex exists for class handle.

Error in graphics.datacursor/default_updateDataCursor
(line 38)
hDataCursor.DataIndex = ind;

Error in graphics.datacursor/updateDataCursor (line 31)

Error in graphics.datatip/update (line 22)

Error in datacursormode>localWindowButtonDownFcnDatatip
(line 781)

Error in datacursormode>localWindowButtonDownFcn (line

Error in hgfeval (line 63)

Error in uitools.uimode/modeWindowButtonDownFcn (line

Error in
(line 160)

Error while evaluating figure WindowButtonDownFcn

07 Oct 2013 Simscape Probes Probes for viewing physical variables Author: Tom Egel

Tom, was there a reason you shifted to ToWorkspace blocks instead of scopes? It seems that the ToWorkspace block variable name does not change when the name of the block changes - also creates a problem if I use them within different subsystems with the same name.

I think a potential addition would be a right click menu configure option to switch between logging and no logging (using something like a variant subsystem). It could improve simulation performance if there are a large number of probes (I tend to use more probes and save it to the workspace because the simlog files become too large).

28 May 2013 dualcursor Add dual vertical cursors to a plot. Author: Michelle Hirsch

Great utility. I especially like how it is easy to right click and export the data.

Can this utility work with subplots and multiple lines within each subplot?

I run into this a lot when looking at test data obtained from DAQ hardware or even when looking at simulation results.

Have you considered incorporating this feature into a utility "ssc_explore" that Atul Suri from Mathworks created?

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