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John Diaz


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Electronic Engineer

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Control And Computer Vision


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14 Jan 2013 Screenshot Compression (shannon fano) Compression (shannon fano) gui Author: John Diaz communications, demo, gui, mathematics, simulink, simulation 27 0
14 Jan 2013 Screenshot FDM (frequency division multiplexer) frequency division multiplexer Author: John Diaz fdm, frequency division mu..., multiplexer, communications, simulation, simulink 59 0
08 Jan 2013 Screenshot UPS System UPS System Author: John Diaz ups, boost, converter, investor, rectifier, power 35 1
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4.0 | 1 rating
07 Jan 2013 Screenshot Fuzzy Control (Universal Motor) Fuzzy Control Author: John Diaz data export, data import, control design, simulink, simulation, article 72 0
23 Oct 2012 Screenshot EMG Electromiógrafo Diseño E Implementación De Un Electromiógrafo Mediañte Matlab Author: John Diaz emg, electromigrafo, electromiography, musculo, muscle, biomedica 32 0
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07 Dec 2012 Color Image Histogram Display a histogram showing the color balance of an image. Author: Jeff Mather

solution to problem set(h, 'marker', 'none')

function varargout = rgbhist(I)
%RGBHIST Histogram of RGB values.

if (size(I, 3) ~= 3)
error('rgbhist:numberOfSamples', 'Input image must be RGB.')

nBins = 256;

rHist = imhist(I(:,:,1), nBins);
gHist = imhist(I(:,:,2), nBins);
bHist = imhist(I(:,:,3), nBins);

hFig = figure;
hold on
h(1) = stem(1:256, rHist,'r');
h(2) = stem(1:256 + 1/3, gHist,'g');
h(3) = stem(1:256 + 2/3, bHist),'b';

% I like more without "set" but also function whit "set"
%set(h, 'marker', 'none')
%set(h(1), 'color', [1 0 0])
%set(h(2), 'color', [0 1 0])
%set(h(3), 'color', [0 0 1])

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10 May 2013 UPS System UPS System Author: John Diaz IceCube

Thanks for the upload, however it would be much appreciated if you write a little more to your current Description.

23 Jan 2013 Hamming error correcting code Error Correction Hamming Code Author: John Diaz Melo, Joaquin

excelente gracias por subirlo..

26 Sep 2012 Hamming error correcting code Error Correction Hamming Code Author: John Diaz pulido, julian


15 Sep 2012 Buck Coverter Buck Coverter, Examples of design, open loop, and control Author: John Diaz pineda, maleja

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