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19 Apr 2013 Access GPIO pins on BeagleBoard from Simulink This example shows how to access GPIO pins on the BeagleBoard using Simulink. Author: Michael Lundgren

hello. So i use i2cset and i2cget functions to recieva data from IMU. I use this code

function y = fcn()
persistent pf;
pf = coder.opaque('FILE *');
y = coder.nullcopy(uint8(0));
res = coder.nullcopy(uint8(zeros(1, 10)));
readOnly = c_string('r');
readCmd = c_string(['i2cget -y 1 0x53 0x32']);
if isequal(coder.target, 'rtw')
pf = coder.ceval('popen', coder.rref(readCmd), coder.rref(readOnly));
coder.ceval('fgets', coder.wref(res), 10, pf);
coder.ceval('printf', c_string('%s'), c_string(res));
function str = c_string(str)
% Convert MATLAB string to C-string by adding a string termination
% character
str = [str, 0];
But i dont know how to send data to Scope. Please help me.

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