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08 Sep 2014 Exact geodesic for triangular meshes Geodesic (shortest path) algorithm for triangular mesh (triangulated 2D surface in 3D). Author: Danil Kirsanov

Dear Danil,

Thank you very much for sharing your code. I have successfully run the examples on Mac OS-X.

In case this is helpful for others here are my steps for compilation

1. Pulled code from https://github.com/jabooth/exactgeodesic

2. Get boost - I use macports so
sudo port install boost

3. Compile library
g++ -I /opt/local/include/ -Wall -dynamiclib -flat_namespace -Iinc geodesic_matlab_api.cpp -o geodesic_matlab_api.so

4. Change the library reference in the example m files. i.e: geodesic_library = 'geodesic_matlab_api' and change the extension whereever loadlibrary is called from '.dll' to '.so'

Hassan, I know it is late for you, but for the error you report:

Error using calllib
Pointer type must match data type

Error in geodesic_distance_and_source (line 19)
[num_vertices, d, s] = calllib(geodesic_library, 'distance_and_source_for_all_vertices', algorithm.id, tmp,

I changed line 17 in geodesic_distance_and_source.m from tmp1 = libpointer('int32PtrPtr'); to tmp1 = libpointer('longPtrPtr');

Thanks again.

09 Jul 2012 Kinect Matlab Microsoft Kinect, OpenNI wrapper, Skeleton, Depth Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

Thanks for this code. I'm having difficulty getting it to work.

Please can I ask, does it work with Kinect XBOX 360 or just Kinect for Windows?

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