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28 Oct 2012 Generate figures for Cleve's Corner on Compressed Sensing Demonstration of compressed sensing. Author: Cleve Moler

when I run the programm.hint"Undefined function 'l1eq_pd' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in Cleves_Corner_Compressed_Sensing (line 54)
x = l1eq_pd(y,A,A',b,5e-3,32);"

I think the reason is lack of the function lqeq_Pd.
could you tell me where is teh l1eq_pd?thanks!

24 Sep 2012 UWB Fixed-Point Model (Multiband OFDM) Ultrawideband (UWB) multiband OFDM physical layer with fixed-point transmitter/receiver modeling. Author: Mike Mulligan

great work,Can you send me a copy of more details about this documentation?my mail:zhhrao@hotmail.com

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