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15 Jul 2012 Historical Stock Data downloader Used to retrieve historical stock data for a user-specified date range Author: Josiah Renfree


I have a very simple code for downloading the historical prices from yahoo finance. If I use:

start_date = '01032012';
end_date = '11072012';
stocks = hist_stock_data(start_date, end_date, '^GSPC');
stocks.Date = stocks.Date(end:-1:1); stocks.Close = stocks.Close(end:-1:1); Prices=stocks.Close

then the vector prices has 4 decimals. However, if I instead of '^GSPC' use 'EURUSD=X', then the 3rd and 4th decimals are always 0, i.e. the numbers are rounded. However, on the website http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=EURUSD%3DX&ql=0

the quotes have 4 decimals. Is there a way to download currency data with 4 decimals instead of 2?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!


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