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06 Aug 2012 3D Euclidean Distance Transform for Variable Data Aspect Ratio Implementation of 3D Euclidean distance transform for data with non-trivial aspect ratio. Author: Yuriy Mishchenko

First of all thanks for sharing this code, I am finding it very useful. However, there are some points I'd like to clarify since it is the first time I am looking at distance transformations.

I am trying to compute distance transformations for some 3D binary masks images. However, the pixel spacing in mm is not constant, but [1 1 2.56]mm. To avoid resampling of the images, I want to make sure I can use your code using that matrix as the aspect. If I can, my doubt is in how to interpret the output matrix in mm too?

02 Aug 2012 Decimate Polygon Simplify a 2D closed, piecewise linear contour by specifying boundary offset tolerance. Author: Anton Semechko

Hi Anton,
Your code was all I needed to solve problems in my codes due to too many useless points. Thanks a lot!

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